Colors affect our mood, sometimes in a positive way and sometimes in a negative way and what color you choose to wear can reveal your personality. Positive effects of colors come from happy colors, these colors are bright colors that feel warm to wear such as red, orange, yellow, and pink. On the other hand, the other colors such as light blue, peach and light pink are pastel colors, these colors are adorable and can bring an uplifting effect on your mood. In short every color has its own beauty and effect that can reveal your personality as they have power to change your mood. It’s up to your choice, what color you choose to wear, whether the brighter or lighter can make you feel happy and you can feel optimistic and energetic.

Your clothing style and dressing sense can really reflect your personality. It can also sometimes explore your character and make your style. Who you are and traits of your personality that are hidden inside, can also be revealed, in essence what actually you are as an individual, your dressing sense and choosing colors to wear, can decide. The type of clothes you choose with your favorite color can bring magic in your personality as well as in your wardrobe. Choosing the right color and design to wear can enchanted your personality. So always try to choose colors that enhance your personality in a positive way as the way you dress not only conveys the type of person you are but can also influence people and make them your fan.

Choose That Chooses You To Look Awesome 

Choosing the right color and style to wear makes you feel good inside and out, if you are the type of person that always gets indecisive to choose which color suits you, or which is better to make your personality dashing, then don’t get upset. Take a pause to see your wardrobe, do you have various kinds of colors to wear according to the event or weather? If yes then congratulations! You are leveling up, but if not, then choose wisely what suits on you or which color you love the most, here are 5 colors and their effects can clarify how can you look gorgeous even in casual dressing by choosing the right color and style whether you are going to wear tees, sweatshirt or need other accessories to enhance your casual look, just have a look. 


Blue color is one of the most famous and soothing colors that attracts people in a blink of an eye. When choosing your attire try to add some blue color in your wardrobe as blue can make you confident. Wearing blue not only soothes your eyes but also represents loyalty, peace, confidence, and success. You’ll always feel comfortable and cool when wearing blue. So try to add blue in your attire collection and feel confident and relaxed. 


If you have a green shirt in your wardrobe then you are going to look amazingly awesome as green not only feels fresh and peaceful but also enhances stability and endurance. Add some green attire in your clothing collection and make your life more peaceful and dashing by wearing green favorites. Whether you are going to a party, beach or casual wear.


When it comes to black color, everyone loves to wear as black clothes aren’t only the most dashing color but also help to shift the focus from your appearance to your personality. Most people love to wear black clothes and give this color first priority, because it is the color that makes you look smart and slim so mostly people prefer to wear black. Black represents confidence and intelligence and also has the ability to charm people at a first sight, even if you simply wear a black shirt, it makes your personality more attractive and dashing. So fill your wardrobe with black and slay in every occasion by wearing.


This color is my favorite color of all. By wearing yellow you feel happier, excited and enthusiastic as this color has the ability to make you feel confident, charming and hopeful. When you add yellow color in your attire collection you’ll feel originality and happiness. Wearing yellow also makes you feel energetic as this color is associated with hope, sunshine and laughter. So if you want to be happy and more energetic then wear yellow and say hello to everyone warmly. 


Passionate, powerful and confident colors that represent love and boldness can ignite the spark to look more attractive and bold. Yes, red is the color that represents boldness, passion and energy to do everything fearlessly. When you add red color in your wardrobe it will make you feel more confident so your next color must be red to wear whether you are going to choose casual clothes. It makes you feel more energetic and enhances your personality so you can achieve your goals willingly.  

Make Your Personality Enchanted By Choosing A Simple Tee Or A Sweatshirt 

After knowing about color and their effects on your personality have you decided to choose your favorite color with your favorite outfit or even a casual dress? If yes then choose some tees and sweatshirt to enhance your personality. Choose to feel comfortable. You can try a tee that makes you feel comfy and relaxed and look good as well. If you love to wear stylish clothes that feel comfortable too then tees are the perfect choice to make you feel comfy with style. A nice tee can not only elevate your look but also feels comfortable to wear. If you are wondering where to choose a quality and great fabric tee then go nowhere but to Life Is Good, a platform that offers a vast variety of T-shirts, sweatshirts and other accessories for all. You can simply and nimbly choose your favorite item for men, women or kids   with numerous vibrant colors and styles with ease. 

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