Just because it`s trench coat season I am going to figure out how to tie a trench coat or make it look quite right. I always wait the season of the cool breeze of autumn to sweep in, as it brings with it the eagerly awaited trench coat season oh just my favorite staple season.

I have been a fan of trench coats since I wore them the first time in my teens, I had 6 years ago that wasn’t flattering and eventually I got rid of it. But I slowly read and learned about even watching many fashion shows on TV and scrolling on Instagram to get fit in my favorite staple.

And could you believe me, all I learned about my favorite staple is, that the timeless appeal of a trench coat lies not just in its ability to keep you warm, but in the sophisticated and polished look it adds to any ensemble. I was so relieved I was wearing the trench, and the trench covered most everything and I knew it looked chic.

Since then I have been a big fan and have had a good styling taste in trench coat as I searched already about it a lot. However, achieving that perfectly tied trench coat can be a bit of an art for many people like I used to.

But don’t worry as in this blog, I am going to guide some tips and tricks to ensure you not only stay cozy but also exude a sense of effortless elegance as you embrace the trench coat season just stay with me to know.

Try the Classic Knot

You can start with the most traditional way of tying a trench coat which is the classic knot. Try to simply fasten the coat by crossing the left side over the right, then tie the belt into a secure bow. Here you need to ensure the belt is snug around your waist, creating a flattering silhouette. Believe me, this timeless method works well for most trench coats and is a foolproof way to look polished and put together as I do.

Give a Chance to the Loose Wrap

One of the best ways to tie a trench coat is to try the loose wrap technique for a more relaxed and contemporary look. So be ready to let it drape loosely, creating an easygoing vibe instead of cinching the coat tightly around your waist. I am pretty sure this method works particularly well with oversized trench coats, offering a stylish and modern twist to the classic design as I tried and won the hearts of many people.

The Belted Back can Work Wonders

If you want a unique style then try to break away from convention by experimenting with the belted-back style. All you need to do is secure it at the back to showcase the detailing of the coat`s front panels, rather than tying the belt at the front. You’ll see this way works wonders for trench coats with unique features, such as decorative buttons or contrasting linings I mostly prefer.

Open Your Heart for the Open Drape

When you open your heart to the open drape you’ll start loving your style, as for milder days when you want to show off your outfit beneath the trench coat, this one is the best idea to try the open drape technique. You can leave the coat unbuttoned and let it hang loosely, revealing the layers and textures of your clothing. I believe, this approach is effortlessly chic and is perfect for showcasing your style, yes it is.

Add a Touch of Flair through the Knotted Belt

You can also add a touch of flair to your trench coat by knotting the belt instead of tying it. This is one of the best way and unconventional methods to create a stylish focal point at the front of the coat, drawing attention to your waist. You can also try experimenting with different knot styles, such as a simple loop or an intricate knot, to elevate your trench coat game.

No Better Way than Accessorizing It with a Scarf or BeanIe

Believe me or not, enhance your trench coat look by incorporating a stylish scarf or beanie. Whether you choose a classic silk scarf like me, a chunky knit, or a patterned option, draping it over your shoulders or tying it loosely around your neck can add a touch of sophistication and warmth to your ensemble. Or you are a lover of beanies to try, all you need is to give a new style with these accessories to look chic and bold.

I hope this guide will help you to tie a trench coat that may seem like a simple task, but the way you fasten it can significantly impact your overall look. Whether you prefer the classic knot, loose wrap, belted back, open drape, knotted belt, or a combination of styles, mastering the art of tying a trench coat allows you to express your style with confidence. As trench coat season unfolds, embrace the versatility of this timeless wardrobe staple and make a statement that is as unique as you are.