We all love printed clothes as they attract us because of unique prints & designs that mesmerize everyone. prints not only attract us but make us feel tasteful in every season, cool in summer, warm in winter, pleasant in spring and satisfying in autumn. But you can only feel it when you style them exactly according to the season`s change. How to style prints, is a question some more specific and others more general. Well there’s no season when it comes to wearing prints. Because printed clothes have separate beauty when you wear it in every season, just one or two easy layers and you’re good to go wherever you want to go just go confidently. You’ll look amazingly beautiful when you wear printed clothes. When it comes to choosing printed clothes we always strive to grab different and elegant prints because not everyone offers you the prints that you love to wear, because mostly prints are similar they look alike so you cannot look different. Ah! What to do? Feeling confused and concerned at the same time? But not anymore because if you are going to know about a brand of clothing you can find timeless and elegant printed clothes that are named Pyrus London. An independent British brand Pyrus, known for its timeless yet contemporary pieces in bold & subtle prints that can be seen from any other place because all styles are made in small quantities with unique designs. Pyrus London is actually known for his unique prints that generate boundless elegant prints for the lovers of printed clothes. The thing that make Pyrus London unique from others is that, all the prints of Pyrus London are hand paint, Pyrus London only make a very small quantity in each run, once you shop your favorite one, you`ll never find again when they are gone, Pyrus London doesn`t repeat his prints, and this make it novel from others. By this way Pyrus London not only makes your items unique and limited edition but also make them affectionately crafted just for you so you can enjoy for years to come.

Elegant Prints & Designs


Pyrus always Strive to craft versatile unique designs for his customers, every garment that Pyrus designs is done with versatility in mind so it comes to become your preference and lovingly choice. Pyrus London actually believes that clothes that you are going to choose should be unique in designs, colors, and print must be long-lasting. When it comes to comfort, Pyrus take this responsibility as his duty as all the clothes of Pyrus make you feel good and comfortable. Pyrus not only believes or strive to do this but it really works for the sake of his customers to ensure that whatever you are getting from Pyrus will make you satisfy. Unique and terrific designing all prints, are Pyrus`s own prints, that it crafted for you by keeping quantities small and making sure that all garments of Pyrus fit for many body types and suit on everyone.

Timeless Prints & Finest Quality 

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At Pyrus you can enjoy every season by choosing your favorite prints, the great thing about a season change is you can find all the different beautiful prints that are admiring. Pyrus can show you all the lovely new prints and shapes it has been working on that will make you demented. Each and every print and designed drop is unique so limited edition! But it’s good if you take it like once you choose your favorite one, it`s gone and normally never replenish, by this way you can wear something different every season and can get your new wardrobe favorites from Pyrus London. It promise to crafted timeless prints and designs for every shape and color so you will love and cherish them forever.

If you can`t seem to get enough of print at Pyrus as it is familiar for unique prints, but you can find the quality that no one offers you before. With unique prints you can find the quality that Pyrus proffers for everyone. The reason you can rarely found Pyrus prints, because all prints are designed & painted by co-founder of Pyrus London named Ash Johnson, that crafted every print uniquely and different designed for making sure that uniqueness is the essence of Pyrus London. When you get access to your favorite print, you will be sure that all prints are unique of Pyrus brand. As it exactly knows that what prints are and how it can be designed as it love print and love to design for his customers.



An exclusive collection of dresses here for you with alluring and beautiful prints that no one offers you but Pyrus London, that provide the range of women’s collection for every age, color, shape and sizes. Now you can look amazingly awesome when you grab your favorite tops and blouses just at Pyrus. Miranda and Maxi skirts are also available for you with enchanting prints that suits on you whoever you are. From Midi dresses to frill dresses, from silk dresses to tunic dresses every design and print are here for you but hurry up girls! As you know that there are always limited addition of prints because it’s a unique spot to find unique dresses.


Bakugan Ultra, Pyrus Serpenteze, 3-inch Tall Collectible Transforming  Creature, for Ages 6 and Up | Walmart Canada

Pyrus London take cares of your kids, it exactly know that, as parents of children you need to make your kids busy in activities that are good for their mental health and as well make them happy to enjoy their time with the stuff that Pyrus offers for your kids. For this purpose it is always on the lookout for something fun and creative to keep your children busy and entertained. Now you can find a selection of toys and games for your kids that make them happy and satisfy you that your bubbling kids are going to make so much fun from the collection of Pyrus London.

Stationery & Gifts 

Stationery & Gifts | Pyrus

The curated list of stationery offerings by Pyrus sourced from some of its favorite independent brands and artists where you can get access to the cards and planners. Pyrus London is glad that it introduces a new range of curated cards, wrapping paper and journals by believing that you’ll love it. It wants to share the view of beauty and design so Pyrus has been scouring the UK for fresh and independent brands. Collection of stationery from Pyrus is here for you whether you are a student, teacher, or writing a great novel, your lovely thoughts or just about to make a planner for the epic task that is home learning, you can discover your next perfect notebook or planner just at Pyrus. You can also find the perfect gift card for your loved one, the beautiful collection of printed gift card are here for you and your favorite person, each card is sent in a lovely gift box.

Home & Candles

Home & Candles | Pyrus

Pyrus is not coming slow, as it proffers the home & gifts collection to transform your homes` environment with a scented candle, which are made for each room of your home to change them into a heavenly beautiful look plus can add a splash of Pyrus print to brighten up your sanctuary. Pyrus London knows that each room in your home deserves something alluring and with its own comforting scent. Now you can surround yourself with intimating fragrances that will mesmerize you so you can turn your home into the perfect beautiful place that makes you feel good.

Pyrus London isn’t a large scale when you talk about teamwork, it will be hard to believe for you when you know that, the whole business is run by just Lorraine & Ash. From customer care to packing your order, photography, web design everything is just doing for you. You can get access to your favorite print with quality and comfort just at Pyrus London.