Regarding shoes, style, and functionality go hand in hand, reflecting personal taste and practical needs. Durability and comfort are key, ensuring that each step is confident and comfortable, while the right pair can elevate any outfit. Salomon is the brand that offers the right shoes for every adventure, all the footwear collections bring comfort, durability, and support to all your favorite adventures and sports. The brand offers the best shoes to get you through your journey. You can find the perfect shoe for your sport in the collection of best-selling shoes, whether you are hiking in the high mountains, running every day on the road, training for long-distance trail running, or recovering in between. Here we have mentioned the best-selling footwear, helping to take every step of the way.

Explore Best-Selling Footwear from Salomon 

Discover the best-selling shoes offered by Salomon, designed to improve comfort and endurance by reducing vibrations, made from high-quality material.

Speedcross 6

The SPEEDCROSS 6 Men's Trail Running Shoes are the best-selling shoes, offering an even more powerful, grippy connection to the ground and faster mud evacuation. Comes with a revamped upper to offer functional and fiery, while classic SPEEDCROSS comfort remains intact, making it an excellent choice for trail enthusiasts. Best suited for mixed terrain and muddy conditions, provides outstanding traction, perfect for 2-3 runs per week. Designed with moderate cushioning and a standard shoe width.


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Here are more features of these shoes:


  • Features a 10mm drop.

  • Made from Quicklace system.

  • Comes with a textile lining.

  • Engineered with textile inlay sole, and rubber outsole.

  • Offers a synthetic/textile upper (MCL).


To have a balanced, comfortable fit shoe, buy Speedcross 6, for just $180.

X Ultra 4 Mid Gore-Tex

The best-selling Men's Hiking Boots, the mid-cut GORE-TEX version of the updated X ULTRA 4 provides high foot protection and stable support. Offers the stability, grip, and waterproof protection necessary for tackling technical terrain. Featuring a new chassis, these boots excel at protecting sensitive articulations while maintaining freedom of movement, making them perfect for single-day routes and challenging hikes. 


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Below are more features of these boots:


  • Designed for alpine and mixed terrains.

  • Comes with a mid-height upper of 125mm.

  • Offers weighing 425 grams.

  • Designed to balance lightweight agility with robust construction.

  • Available in 4 colors.


Buy X ultra 4 Mid Gore-Tex, and get ready to power through uphills for just $210.


One of the most comfortable and best-selling XT-6 Unisex Sportstyle Shoes has been the preferred choice of world-class athletes for ultra-distance races in harsh conditions. Comes with a high level of cushioning, durability, and descent control. Its robust construction and performance features make it ideal for tackling challenging terrains and long-distance runs. The rubber outsole provides superior traction, while the synthetic/textile upper ensures durability and support.


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The following are more features of XT-6:


  • Offers 365 grams of weighing.

  • the XT-6 features a 10mm drop.

  • Made with Quicklace lacing system for a secure fit. 

  • Offers excellent breathability with a textile lining and inlay sole. 

  • Available in multiple colors.


To get a perfect pair for athletes and outdoor enthusiasts, buy XT-6, for just $240.

XA Pro 3D V9

The best-selling XA PRO 3D V9 Trail Running Shoes come to offer stability, durability, and support in a package tough enough to tackle the most arduous adventures. Renowned for its reliability and familiarity, this latest version is super stable, incredibly tough, grippy, and long-term protective. Provide durable and stable performance for 2-3 runs per week. With moderate cushioning and a standard shoe width, it ensures a comfortable fit. 


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Below are more features of this shoe:


  • Features an 11mm drop.

  • Made with Quicklace system for easy adjustments.

  • Comes with robust construction with a textile lining.

  • Offers textile inlay sole, rubber outsole, and synthetic/textile upper (MCL). 

  • Available in 5 colors.


Buy XA Pro3D V9, best suited for mixed and rocky terrains, for just $180.


These were the best-selling shoes by Salomon, crafted to meet the highest standards of performance and comfort, ensuring you can tackle any adventure with ease. Each pair is designed to provide the perfect balance of support, durability, and style. Whether you are an avid hiker, a dedicated runner, or an outdoor enthusiast, these shoes come to match your needs. 

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