Terms & Conditions

The website requires a user to sign up and create an account for using the website and its services. By signing up the user will receive daily updates based on new offers and promotions. If the user doesn’t want to get notified then he/she may unsubscribe to daily updates. The updates are either sent through an Email provided by the user or through an SMS on the contact number provided. The website assumes that by signing up, by using the website and by making an actual purchase the user agrees with the terms of use and privacy policy informed by the website. The website also requires an acknowledgement by the users to visit the website timely for staying informed and current with any update or change made in the privacy or terms. By reviewing it timely, you will be able to understand certain terms if associated with any deal or offer or participation. If a user disagrees with the terms stated below or with the privacy policy stated by the website, he/she should immediately stop using the website and its services. It restricts the usage along with participation and purchase. The website has merchants and partnered brands who have partnered with the website for the promotion of their Coupons, Promo codes, Deals, Discounts and promotions. It can be a perishable good or a fast moving consumer good, travel & tour, dining vouchers, kitchen and home accessories and appliances, lifestyle, bed and bath, food delivery services, pet care products, etc. It is the merchants who are solely and entirely responsible for the goods and services they have offered. Any change in the good or service should not be claimed to the website, but the actual merchant or partnered brand. They are responsible for the care, delivery, time, consultancy, damage, defect, quality, quantity, color, size, weight or any other attribute of the good or service. The website is here to promote your favorite brands which benefits both the user and the associated brand. How does it work? It is simple. The brands have partnered with the website for the utilization of the website audience and latest marketing tools. The website has thousands of target audiences that are filtered according to the taste, lifestyle, activities and interest. People visit the website in search of saving opportunities that are massive. The website is engaged in providing saving hacks and coupons to its valued users. The prices are cheapest if you compare. The brands achieve their target sales and grow rapidly while delivering the best service and making customers loyal. The customers are benefited with amazing savings by their favorite brands. Nowadays, 80% of the shoppers now utilize the coupons and promo codes by shopping smart and saving smarter.
The website requires a minimum age of thirteen for users to use its services.

Use of the Website

● The services and website is not to be used by children under 13 years of age.
● If a user is able to create a binding agreement and must comply with the terms, then he/she can surely use the services offered by the website.
● Any attempt of using the website through robots, crawlers or data mining tools will restrict the use and legal action will be taken against the user and owner of the account.
● It is the user who is responsible for the safety and security of their user account. Therefore, they should keep the password confidential and must not share it with anyone.
● The information provided by the user must be accurate and current. Any change in contact or delivery information should be updated timely and accurately.
● The user should not violate or offend any term of the website. Offensive behavior will not be tolerated.
● The user is able to get hands on the products or services offered by the website and is not barred from receiving it.
● The website has a sole right to change, edit or delete any offer or promotion with the consent of the partnered brand without informing users about it.
● Any fraudulent or unethical behavior will not be entertained by the website.
● The user account is non-transferable and should not be shared with any third party or for commercial use. Any conduct foreseen in violating the terms or privacy of the website will block the user from using its services and offers.
● The user should not impersonate others. Trying to login to another user account will block the usage immediately.
● The website doesn’t allow its users to resell its offerings and promotions. The purchase should be intended for yourself or for a gifting purpose only.
● Exploiting the reputation of the website will also make the user account block with a denied access of logging in.
● Any violation of applicable law and intellectual property of the website will restrict the user from using the website and its services.