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Winter is knocking your door, cool breeze is ready to enter your home from window, wait! Look up snow is falling down. What a lovely cold weather has come to meet you, chilly nights, colder days are coming to hug you. Do you feel your hands are shivering when you go outside? Do you feel that you need extra warm to sleep? If yes then be careful and protect yourself from the harshness and severity of cold weather. Not only yourself but also your pets, if you are blessed to have a pet in your life, then you need to be very careful as winter is the season that may affect your pet. You need to keep your pet safe and comfortable in the cold as winter season is a snowy season so it better to keep your pet indoors as much as possible. For keeping your pet warm on this season you need to keep your eye on great quality pet essentials that can protect them from cold and give them extra warm during snowy season. Chewy is a master of providing good quality pet supplies, and this winter Chewy is holding out little extra warm for your pet with so much exciting and amazing surprises plus amazing deals and sales that not only make your dog excited and happy but warm and cozy too. Chewy offers the wide range of winter collection for your canine companion that are special gifts for your pet to celebrate this snowy season. Chewy knows that your pets love to be warm and comfortable in winter, they are the masters of getting comfy, where they are, they`ll always figure out a way to carve out their own cozy corner for their next quick snooze, as winter is a season that need to be enjoy with warm cuddles, cozy naps and lot of fun with your furry friend. So this winter let’s enjoy chilly nights and cold days with extra warm and comfort for your pet as Chewy create a winter wonderland for your pet to make them cozy and warm during whole season.

What Winter Wonderland Holds Out?

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If you are also wondering that what is winter wonderland? And what it holds out for your pet? So come and lets know for knowing, what your pets need to spend their winter? They need to fallen in love with the wonderland that Chewy created for them this winter. Let’s know and explore this winter wonder land that has so much to enjoy with warm and comfort. You and your pet will love to see that what’s inside this winter wonderland for your pet that specially made for them, all delivered quickly to your doorstep so you`ll get happiness, warmness, coziness and much affection for your pets. So whether you are a parent of dog, cats, Chewy has come to mesmerize you and your pets and warm and cozy as well. Chewy believe that there`s no better time to level up your pet wardrobe with Chewy’s winter collection that is not only coming to bring warmness but also make your pet super excited by his quality supplies. Chewy mean stocking up on cozy, comfy accessories for your pet as it knows that your pup not only likes wearing clothes, but also love to takes naps to feel warm and fresh. Super soft doggy winter wonderland is here to bring little extra warm and coziness for your pet that can help keep them warm and snuggly. So are your furry friend ready for cuteness and comfort this winter? Let’s check out what Chewy’s winter wonder land holds for your pet.

PetAmi Waterproof Dog Blanket

PETAMI Waterproof Reversible Cat & Dog Blanket, Gray & Gray Sherpa, 60 x  80-in - Chewy.com

PetAmi Waterproof Dog Blanket is a perfect fit to enjoy cold weather, you are going to be stress-free from your pet’s winter as durable construction for use both indoors and outdoors blanket is here make your furry friend’s winter coziest and warm. It is helpful to protect your furniture from spills, stains and urine. Made from a plushy fabric to keep your pet warm during cold weather as it is internally waterproof lining that not only provides defense but also helpful to stop liquids from seeping through. Made from 100% premium microfiber polyester to protect your finest furniture from spills, drool, and urine and shedding with the Waterproof Dog Blanket from PetAmi. A perfect choice for beds, couches and sofas that will help to provide not only comfort but a protecting shield from various pet-related messes. 

FurHaven Self-Warming Convertible Cuddle Mat Bolster Cat & Dog Bed

FURHAVEN Self-Warming Convertible Cuddle Mat Bolster Cat & Dog Bed, Spruce,  Large - Chewy.com

One of the most comfortable and digital FurHaven Self-Warming Convertible Cuddle Mat Bolster Bed, comes with the button and loop system. The system allows you to transform the bed into four different shapes, Nest, Couch, Canoe and Mat. Great for a rest during cold weather as it designed with a self-warming core that reflects your pet’s body heat. You can easily clean it after frequent use as it is machine washable and light weighted. You can also take it with you when you travel just choose between two sleep surfaces, soft faux fur for cooler nights and suedine for warmer. Only available at Chewy to give your furry friend the best of four worlds with FurHaven’s Self-Warming Convertible Cuddle Pet Bed & Mat. The core is designed with an insulating fabric that offers a soft surface and reflects your pet’s natural body heat back, creating a cozy, warm sleeping environment. So make your pet winter more cozy and comfortable with this master piece that is the best of all, innovative and comfy to use. 

Frisco Sherpa Dog & Cat Blanket

FRISCO Sherpa Rectangular Bolster Cat & Dog Bed, Gray Basket Weave Print,  Medium - Chewy.com

Make your cannon companion’s winter more cozy and comfy by Chewy as it offers an extremely   cozy and soft piece of Frisco Sherpa Dog and Cat Blanket that allows your pet to feel warm either they are going to take a nap or need a restful sleep. A perfect piece that made with soft cloud Sherpa on one side and a printed twill pattern on the other. With a modern geometric print in sky tones, this stylish designed blanket won’t only complement the décor of any home but also bring extra comfort to your pet. Comfortable and versatile blanket is really perfect for protecting furniture from gathering fur, or for pets who love to bundle up and make a cozy nest. Easy to wash and cleaning as it is machine washable. The Frisco Sherpa double-sided blanket is just as snuggly as fabulous with a neutral cream color. Your pups and kitties will love to take a nap with this master piece and it’s sure to become their new favorite napping buddy. Your pet will be falling in love with this cuddly blanket that is perfect for chilly nights or pets who love to nest, plus this blanket is easy to travel with. 

Dog Helios Hurricane Reflective Dog Coat

DOG HELIOS Hurricane Reflective Dog Coat, Blue, Small - Chewy.com

Winter has come, so Chewy is also coming with lots of pet supplies that aren’t only you’re your furry friend happy but also protect them from harshness of cold weather. This time one of the most premium-quality all-weather jacket that is lined with soft polar fleece that features Touchdog’s exclusive Blackshark Technology. Lightweight, soft and feels cozy to wear this Blackshark coat is an innovative fabric piece that is a perfect match to enjoy winter season without any worry. This coat is water, wind and snow-proof that is breathable, impermeable and tear-resistant. It is made from waterproof polyester outer shell includes 3M reflective piping on the top and sides for extra safety. A waterproof polyester outer shell with additional proprietary coatings adds durability and also features 3M reflective piping for added safety in limited visibility. Made for providing extra comfort and protection against wind and moisture, with a raised collar and covered leash connection slot. With an embroidered brand logo gives your pooch a luxury feel and the adjustable fuzzy fastener closures on the neck and belly for ensuring a snug and comfortable fit. You just need to measure your pet for the perfect fit. Your canine companion will love to wear the Dog Helios Hurricane Reflective Dog Coat. 

Ultra Paws Durable Dog Boots, 4 count

ULTRA PAWS Durable Dog Boots, 4 count, Petite - Chewy.com

If you want to protect the paw of your canine form cold weather then you need to keep your eye on Ultra Paws Durable Dog Boots that are durable, high-quality and the perfect all-purpose protector in wet or dry, hot or cold conditions. So this winter season protect your pal’s paw with Ultra Paws Durable Dog Boots, comes with patented design features water-resistant nylon with a high-grip, flexible thermoplastic coating on the toe and sole. Available only at Chewy a perfect fit for your dog to enjoy the whole season of winter without any worry. Before shop this protecting sheet just remember to measure your pet size. Don’t wait anymore just go to grab an ideal solution for your canine that will helpful large dogs as well as those with hip conditions maintain traction on hardwood and tile floors. This boot pair is dual fuzzy fastener closures with foam pad inserts specially made to provide a snug, comfortable fit, with extra protection for both the fronts and backs of his ankles. Available in two adorable colors, set of four, get six size so choose according to your canine companion’s size. Easy to wear and off with the dual fuzzy fastener straps and foam ankle pads, to bring a snug fit with comfort and quality.

If you want to enjoy this winter season and are a pet parent then get ready to embrace a lot more joy, deeper ways to connect, and unforgettable memories with warmness, coziness and comfort your fury friend this winter. The season that is ready to meet you, this year enjoy this season with Chewy’s Winter Wonderland that has so much to bring. It offers the vast variety of winter collection for your pet. Chewy has created a Winter Wonderland for your pets in this season. The wide selection of best quality clothing and accessories are ready to bring joy and happiness to your face and as well as your pal with little extra warm.