Privacy Policy

The privacy policy above states the type of personal identification information collected by the website and how it is used. The website understands and respects everyone's privacy and their concern about it. Therefore, it wants people to know what information is collected by the website directly and indirectly and how the collected information is used by the website. Primarily, whom it is shared with. The above statement will help the users understand how the website, its merchants, partnered brands, network link, advertisers and markers use the collected information. The privacy policy and applicable to the usage of the website and mobile application offered by the website. While using the services and offers of the website, the users must agree with the privacy policy. If a user does not agree with the statement or any clause stated within the policy, he/she shall immediately stop using the website and its services. The usage strictly requires an agreement. The website requests its users to go through the policy and terms timely for notice of any change being made on the website or to their concerns. The website has a right to make changes in the privacy policy or any clause within the policy. If any change is made which is necessary to inform the users, the website may notify them through an e-mail or an SMS.

Types of Information Collected by the Website

The types of information collected by the website remain the identification data to retrieve you as a person and an individual. The types may include personal identification data, demographic data, geographic data, relationship data, commercial information, financial information, internet and device information, etc. the identification data may include the user's name, addresses, Contact Numbers, Postal Code, E-mail Addresses, Social Media Name, Postal Addresses, etc. Moreover, in demographic data; the website might ask for basic information such as Age, Gender, Birth Year, Job Status, Income, etc. Furthermore, relationship data might include users' Likes, Preferences, Activities, and Interests. This type of interaction is basically collected through social media interactions, likes, pages users have visited, prior purchase history, viewed products or services, etc. The Geological or location data is studied through the GPS service and it helps in navigating the presence and location of the user. It also helps the website to market the products or brands that are offered nearby and in the very same region or province. The GPS if enabled, helps the website access the location information. The user might also be notified of the best available offers and promotions available nearby. Along with this, the financial information is collected by the user. It includes the mode of payment users would use, the debit or credit card information, the CVN code, the Expiry of cards and the information needed for processing the payment of vouchers or offers purchased by the website. The internet and device information is also studied to help advertisers market with the offers that might influence buying. The website collects information such as Browser type, visited sites, search history, time spent on the website, device model, operating system and other data collected from Cookies, Cache, Web Beacons, and Pixel tags. The website analyzes and studies these kinds of information to market the user with the offers that they may have interest in. The website further ensures that the personal information provided to the website by the user is safe and will not be sold or shared to/with the third parties or any other entities, the website makes sure that the provided and collected information is safe and secure with the website, therefore it is responsible for the security of this information. The website has also installed the security software that helps them in protecting their financial data and reduces the risk of bankruptcy.

How is the Information Collected and Used?

The types of information mentioned above are collected either directly from the user or are collected indirectly using the technology and software. The directly collected information remains the data that you provide yourself at the time of signing up while creating an account such as Name, Address, Contact Number, E-mail Address, Age, Gender, Job Title, Income, etc. whereas, the indirect information collected includes information collected through the GPS, through Cache and Cookies such as Search History, Browser Extension, Operating System, Internet Protocol, Web Beacons, etc and it does not include personal sensitive information. The website only uses personal sensitive information if needed under the applicable law with the consent of the user otherwise not.
The website uses the information for fulfilling the service and maintaining its operations. Also, for targeting the users with ads based on their interests and activities. Also for the research purpose and to gain customer insights. For evaluating the eligibility for the purchase of the offer. For communication purposes and to notify the users of the latest and current offers.