Most of the dogs are given to shelter due to their harsh behavior, people think they can’t be trained or their behavior problems can’t be fixed. Whereas over millions of pets are getting lost each year, most make it home but many don’t either they meet accidents or they are somewhere they can’t come back from.


Halo Collars has the best possible team of experts who aims to build a better life and a better world for dogs. It is the only system that can bring your dogs back if lost, keeps them in their fences and away from harm. Halo uses a holistic approach to help you teach your dog respect boundaries using mental exercises rather than physical discipline.

What is a Beacon and how is Halo using it

Beacons are small physical devices, which broadcast a radio signal that can be detected by smartphones which help guide navigators to their respective destination. These can be used in many ways along with collars for dogs to keep them safe and in their fences, through these zones can be created from where dogs will stay away.


Halo gives you a peace of mind that your dog is always protected with a GPS tracker in their collar which will guide them back to safety. They have installed these beacons  in their collar and are connected via bluetooth to the cell phones, creating virtual fences which will keep your dog within the area. Your Halo Collar prevents, protects, tracks, and trains your dog altogether.


Here are the two Halo Beacons by Halo Collar

Zone Beacon

This Zone Beacon is ideal for both indoor and outdoor use. With its help you can keep your dog away from harming your sofas or digging up your flowerbeds, it creates “keep away” or” ignore fences” zones anywhere. It has a replaceable battery with a life of 15 months.


  • This beacon is weatherproof which makes it reliable 

  • It has Screw mounting kit and double-sided adhesive in it

  • It has a replaceable battery which makes it durable 



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For the safety of your house stuff buy Zone Beacon for only $39.99

Remote Beacon

This Remote Beacon can call your dog back from anywhere by just tapping the button, there is no need for a phone. You can customize the feedback in the Halo Collar app by which your dog is one click away from you.


  • It can be attached to your keychain or leash so it's always nearby

  • Replaceable CR2032 battery which have a life of 9 months

  • Do not submerge in water 



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For giving your dog freedom yet keeping them close purchase Remote Beacon for only $39.99



The Halo Collar system aims to enhance dog safety and well-being through various innovative features. Its training program addresses behavior issues which help to prevent them from going to shelters and ensuring they forever stay in their homes. Due to their extraordinary system in their Halo Collar you can prevent, protect, track, and train your dog altogether.


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