Gone are the days of relying solely on leash pressure instead, Halo fosters natural and profound communication for improved boundaries and peace of mind. Aside from technologically advanced collars, Halo also offers other accessories to support the collar. From collar case to charging kit, you can find all the necessary items at the Halo for your canine. 

For your convenience, here are other top Halo accessories for pets are mentioned below.

Top 5 Pet Accessories by Halo

Halo is a brand with the mission to provide the best quality products to protect all canines and provide them with the utmost security. This brand has various accessories, the top-selling ones are listed as under.

Cesar Millan Pro Case

Introducing the exclusive Cesar Millan Signature Protective Case, designed to shield that Halo Collar from scratches, tears, and bites, verifying its durability and longevity. This pre-assembled case securely wraps around the collar, fastening with built-in Velcro straps for added security. Available in a variety of colors, your furry friend will not only be safe but stylish too.

Moreover, it can be easily cleaned by hand washing and air drying when it gets dirty. Avoid dry cleaning, ironing, or bleaching it. To install, simply match up the charging port and speaker of the Halo Collar with similar openings in the case and secure it firmly in place Please remember that the Halo Collar and strap are not included.

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To avail of this safe but stylish collar buy Cesar Millan Pro Case priced at $39.99.

Collar Strap

The Halo Strap is tough, adaptable, and built to last in any setting. Its rubberized coating makes it waterproof, odor-resistant, and simple to wipe clean, ensuring it stays free from dirt and stains. Equipped with pre-cut holes and a custom clasp featuring a secure grip, this strap attachment for the Halo Collar is effortlessly fastened and removed from your pup`s neck. Available in two sizes, small and medium/large to make it adjustable to accommodate your dog`s growth over time. It has various colors which include, black, yellow, pink, and white. 

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Moreover, it is crafted from PVC-free nylon webbing and coated with rubber, this strap offers durability and flexibility. The M/L size allows for a tailored fit, accommodating neck sizes ranging from 15 to 30.5 inches precisely.

To have this collar for your best furry friend buy this Collar Strap priced at $29.99.

Halo Charging Kit 

The Halo Charging Kit includes a USB C Wall Plug, a USB C to C Cable, and a Magnetic Adaptor for the Halo Collar 3. Before charging, ensure the charging port of the Halo Collar is clean and dry. To prevent damage, use only Halo`s USB C cables, wall plugs, and adaptors with your collar. It has 2 different port types to choose from, standard USB C and magnetic USB C. 

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You can buy Halo Charging Kit priced only at $34.99.

Contact Tip Kit

Introducing the Contact Attachments kit, offering three sets of contact attachments to maximize flexibility with your dog`s Halo Collar. The Short (S) and Regular (R) Contact Tips are designed to convey vibration and static feedback effectively to your dog. Meanwhile, the Contact Blanks don`t offer any feedback and can be utilized if it prefers relying heavily on audio feedback or during walks. Choose the contact attachments based on your dog`s size, coat length, and activity level for optimal performance. It has 2 charging ports, a standard USB C and a magnetic USB C.

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Moreover, Included in the kit are three sets of attachments: 2 pairs of Short Contact Tips, 2 pairs of Regular Contact Tips, and 2 pairs of Contact Blanks. Crafted from hypoallergenic steel with rounded tips, they ensure comfortable contact with your pet`s skin. The screw threads are treated with nyloc to prevent slipping when securely fastened into the Halo Collar.

Buy Contact Tip Kit from Halo priced only at $9.99.

Halo T-shirt

The Halo T-shirt, is crafted from premium apparel material for a luxurious velvety texture that`s perfect for daily wear. It provides the cozy comfort of flannel without the risk of pilling. Designed in a classic unisex crew neck fit, it`s made from suede jersey fabric comprising 60% combed ring-spun cotton and 40% polyester for ultimate softness and durability. It comes in various sizes, extra small, small, medium, large, extra large, 2x large, and 3x large. 

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Buy Halo T-shirt priced only at $29.99.

Halo`s collars offer automated and manual feedback, freeing you from boundaries. It helps you lead effectively, guiding your dog naturally. Using a board approach, Halo teaches boundary respect without physical discipline. Moreover, to support these fences, Halo offers different types of accessories. Each accessory with higher-built quality and advanced technology, enabling you to provide the best to your furry friend.  

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